Case Studies

Why is Portland an interesting place to create a startup?
How can we understand entrepreneurs and software engineers to be a new creative class?
What roles do story and performance play in the creation of an enterprise?

Early Stage follows the true story of a group of aspiring startups in the Portland Incubator Experiment (PIE) at Wieden + Kennedy. Produced during our participation in PIE as one of the startup companies.

What are the defining aesthetics of art in the networked era?
How is mass collaboration changing notions of ownership of art?
How does micro-patronage change the way artists produce and distribute artwork?

This Video Sprint was shot, edited and screened inside of five days at the Transmediale 2011 in Berlin, Germany. Interviews were shot on location and over Skype. Additional material was collected through a participatory framework.

What are young adults thinking about money and value?
How can we create new systems of wealth generation and abundance?
What does the future hold for banks and other financial institutions in the wake of massive peer to peer exchange?

This video was created as part of Venessa Miemis’ presentation at the SIBOS CONFERENCE, the world’s biggest banking conference in Amsterdam, 25 October 2010. The interviews were conducted with participants in America, England, Sweden, Mexico, Germany and Thailand via video Skype calls from Berlin, Germany. The video toured the following year in Scandinavia with Creative Commons and in India and Australia at Banking Industry Events.

How is social media changing our national identity and concepts of solidarity?
What measures are we undertaking to protect our privacy in social networks?
How are social media providing a platform for civic action? How is transatlantic influence changing?

“It Becomes Public” is a round robin video discussion on these and other issues, generated from a single evening’s workshop facilitated by KS12 at the British Council Berlin. The workshop was held during Social Media Week Berlin 2011.

How are social media changing design?
What is the value of a prototype?
How are work and play merging?
Where is design headed in the 21st century?

This video was created during the open design workshop at the Betahaus as part of Social Media Week Berlin 2010.

How are coworking spaces an extension of the environment often found in universities?
How does competition fare vs. collaboration in a coworking space?
Why is coworking a better alternative for freelancers who usually work at home?

This video was created over the course of three workshops during KS12′s six-month residency at betahaus Berlin 2010/2011.